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LINK Business-Phoenix business broker team


Lisa Riley Principal

Lisa Riley
Phone: (480) 686-8062
E: Lisa@LINKBusiness.com

Kim MehringKim Mehring
Director of IT
Phone: (480) 612-4010
E: Kim@LINKBusiness.com
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Lisa Riley Business BrokerLisa Riley
Business Broker
Phone: (480) 686-8062
E: Lisa@LINKBusiness.com

Steven Benson
Business Broker
Phone: (480) 808-5064
E: Steve.Benson@LINKBusiness.com



Benjamin Bale
Business Broker
Phone: (480) 525-7722
E: Ben.Bale@LINKBusiness.com

John Bartolin Business BrokerJohn Bartolin
Business Broker
Phone: (480) 525-7887
E: John@LINKBusiness.com

Tom Hayes Business BrokerTom Hays
Business Broker
Phone: (480) 656-6439
E: Tomh@LINKBusiness.com

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