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Tom Hayes

Business Broker

Office: (480) 686-8062
Fax: (888) 908-9875

Whether you are looking to sell a business or to acquire one, or simply wish to obtain a professional valuation, Tom Hays welcomes your enquiry.  His association with Link Business provides a wide range of buying and selling opportunities that, when combined with his expertise across multiple business specialties, assures you the best possible outcome for your transaction.
In addition, Tom is an artist, writer and serial entrepreneur, previously owning and operating a variety of business ventures.  During his career he has bought and sold over 60 businesses for his own account, and has become a licensed Business Broker to help others in the processes involved in buying or selling a business.

Tom has owned a retail optical business, an advertising agency, an audio/visual production company, built a chain of thirty-eight automobile quick oil-change centers, started a food packaging and marketing company, and owned a market research company which conducted radio listenership research in 105 radio markets in the United States.  He has been a principal in several other private and publicly owned companies, including those involved in oil and gas exploration, music production, greeting cards and business acquisition.

Born in Oklahoma and having lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Napa Valley in California, Tom and his wife, Susan, currently make their home in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Tom enjoys painting, silversmithing, ceramics, design, songwriting, website development and writing stories.  He has authored two books, Twisted by the Wind, and Seeds Into The Wind.

Tom also compiles and publishes quotations through his website, PearlOfTheDay.com, which emails inspirational and motivational quotes to subscribers daily at no charge.  He established this ministry more than 14 years ago, and it has grown to hundreds of recipients daily plus thousands of readers on various websites where the “Pearl of the Day®” appears.