Kim Mehring

IT Director at LINK Business Phoenix. Let the LINK Business-Phoenix team help you in buying or selling a business.

Tip #9 Lost Exit Plan

Business owners are so busy running their companies every day, they never seem to have time to plan for exiting the business. But they can’t avoid planning for this critical time in their lives. Presenting a business for sale is very… Read More »Tip #9 Lost Exit Plan

What Are They Buying

Market Pulse Survey – 1st Quarter 2019 Presented by IBBA, M&A Source and in Partnership with Pepperdine University In the Main Street market, buyers are primarily looking for service, retail, manufacturing, and construction businesses. In the lower middle market, business services,… Read More »What Are They Buying

Sell to Grow

Has your business gotten to the point where it needs a large capital infusion to grow? But taking on personal guarantees for that amount of debt is more than you can stomach? We hear this all the time. For some… Read More »Sell to Grow