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Essential Tips for Selling Your Phoenix Fitness Business

Businesses in the health and fitness industry are in higher demand than ever to help the more than 160 million overweight and obese Americans, as estimated by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. That makes this a great time to sell your Phoenix-area fitness business, and there are a few things you can do to make it even more appealing to potential buyers.

Capitalize on Your Niche in the Fitness Market

With the health and fitness club industry bringing in more than $27.6 billion per year, as noted by Statista, there’s room for a variety of fitness businesses. Prospective buyers might want to buy a specific type of enterprises, such as a gym, fitness center or weight-loss center.

The types of businesses in this industry break down even further when you consider there are many different types of fitness centers and gyms. These include:

  • Big franchises
  • Traditional gyms with weights
  • Fitness centers with attached spas
  • Small facilities that offer specialty workouts such as yoga
  • Studios that offer martial arts training

As you prepare to sell, showcase your niche. If yoga is your specialty, make sure your studio reflects that by removing extraneous equipment.

Share the Benefits of Your Business

Increase the desirability of your fitness business by highlighting what your clients appreciate about your business and how your company has helped them to achieve their goals. Gather their testimonials and share them with prospective buyers via a video. Or, create a PowerPoint presentation that shows average weight loss per client, for example. A business broker from the LINK Business-Phoenix can seamlessly guide you through the process to help you be certain you’re sharing the information potential buyers are seeking.

Update the Fitness Center’s Physical Amenities

It might feel a little counter-intuitive to spend money upgrading a business you plan to sell. However, even small updates can give your space an eye-catching jolt of curb appeal, plus it will show that you have taken good care of your business. For example, having the pads on gym equipment upholstered if they’re cracking or peeling is a minor expense that has the potential to pay off. Just be sure to stick to neutral colors in case the new owner plans to remodel.

Have the Books and Customer Logs in Order

Prospective buyers might be intensely passionate about helping people increase fitness levels, but they’re also going to want to know the potential for profit if they buy your business. To start, interested parties will want to see some basic information about the number of clients who have memberships or who pay by the month to visit your facility. You will probably keep some data confidential in the early negotiation stages, but you will need to have some key accounting logs ready to share as the deal moves forward.

What Training Are You Willing to Offer the New Owners?

If part of the competitive advantage your business comes with is the specialty training you and your employees have had, buyers also will want to know if training is available as part of the deal. Most certifications in the fitness industry, however, are provided by outside agencies because of safety regulations. Potential buyers who are new to the industry might simply need extra guidance as to where to obtain those types of industry certifications.

Sales trends in the fitness industry continue to change and grow as demand increases, making it a market segment with huge potential wins for both buyers and sellers of fitness centers, gyms and weight-loss centers in the United States.

Contact LINK Business-Phoenix by calling (480) 686-8062 or by emailing infophx@linkbusiness.com to discuss selling your gym or fitness business with an industry professional.

Brent Ainsworth Joins LINK Business-Phoenix

We are excited to welcome Brent Ainsworth to the LINK Business-Phoenix team.

Brent has owned and operated several businesses in the Phoenix Valley, including a car rental company, video store, freight delivery company, small hotel, mobile home and duplex rentals and accounting and tax businesses.  He possesses an in-depth knowledge of Tax and Accounting. He brings accounting fundamentals and financial analysis and expertise from his own experience, as well as tax implications to owning an enterprise.  A Boise State graduate, he received a formative education in Accounting and Real Estate Finance. Having worked with many styles and types of businesses, Brent understands the process of leverage, cash flow, and, entering and exiting a business.

Call Brent about buying or selling your business.

Buying a Contracting Business

If you are interested in buying a business, it is an exciting yet sometimes an uncertain place to be. At LINK Business, we only list businesses for sale that have a value for a buyer, so you can be confident that we have taken the time to evaluate all our business listings. In addition, if you are looking to grow through accusation we have many listings that never hit the general public and are sold through our list of potential buyers.

It is very important for you to buy a business that fits your life and lifestyle. We believe that it is just important to find the right buyer as it is a qualified buyer. There are many perks to buying and owning your own business:

  • Be your own boss
  • Make your own schedule
  • Earn to your potential
  • Concentrate on what is relevant to you
  • Or as an accusation to build your existing business

Buying a business is a huge decision and may be one of the most important decisions of your life. We know how important it is for you to own the perfect business for you and it must fit your budget. We match sellers and buyers to ensure a win, win situation for all.

While buying a business can be a somewhat complicated procedure, you can be confidant that you are working with a knowledgeable, qualified broker that has your best interest in mind. As a professional business broker specializing in the contracting and sub-contracting industry, I can help you with the transition through the process of buying the perfect business for you. I will only proceed with those buyers that are qualified to purchase a business, but only after you have signed the required confidentiality agreement. Plus keep in mind many of our listings never make it to market with our vast database.

Call me today @480-648-8940 to get signed up on the list and let me start working for you on your dreams of owning your own business.

Selling a contracting Business

Are you looking to sell your Contracting business? Look no further for your specialist who knows your industry and has the professional experience as both a buyer and as a seller. I am focused on helping our clients through the process of selling your business or guiding you through an acquisition or buying of a business.

As a professional business broker specializing in the contracting and sub-contracting industry, I can help you with your company’s needs and transition you through the process of selling. You have probably devoted hundreds of hours to and thousands of dollars to your business, in addition to your blood, sweat, and tears to ensure the company’s success. But now you have decided it is time to sell and don’t know where to begin. I can offer you the strategic path to transition your company by offering you the following:

  •  Provide a Broker’s Opinion of Value for your business
  •  Offer honest feedback
  •  Conduct a confidential business transaction
  •  Negotiate to get you the best price
  •  Statewide, national and international listing exposure
  •  Strategic business partners, if needed, for more value
  •  Large database of potential buyers
  • HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical businesses are a great investment for a potential buyer and I can help you decide when is the best time to sell. As a previous owner of 5 construction industry businesses, I have experienced both the buying and the selling side. By providing you with an analysis of what a buyer would pay today for your business, you can decide if this is the right time for you to sell or if you could hold on for the profit you are seeking.

Maintaining Confidentiality is something we don’t take lightly and understand your position to conceal your information. Listing your business in language that is general and not specific to your name, location or business is my promise to protect you and your business from rumors of selling on the street. I will only proceed with those buyers who have been screened to buy your business, but only after they have signed the required confidentiality agreement. Plus keep in mind many of our listings never make it to market with our vast database of potential buyers!

Contact Linda Rehak @ 480-648-8940 today to see if it is the right time to sell. If it is not the right time, I will help you to get positioned correctly through strategic business partners to get maximum value from your business when you are ready.